My Favorite Products When Traveling with Kids

1. My current favorite product for traveling with my kids also happens to be my current favorite thing ever invented: My Pal Scout. This battery-powered green puppy is the best thing that ever happened to a toddler on a roadtrip! Scout was a miracle on our recent 6 hours+ roadtrip to Vegas. Everytime my 18 month-old started to lose it, he could be happily distracted by Scout, who sings and can be programmed to say my son’s name and favorite color, food and animal. And I love Scout because parents control the volume and the songs and phrases don’t annoy me. I owe Scout my sanity.

puppy love

2. My Baby Trend jogging stroller. This stroller has been good for jogging, but its bicycle tires make it perfect for any kind of terrain. My husband and I have pushed this thing over hiking trails, escalators, and gravel. It’s sold in many stores, and I’ve even seen it for sale used in several places. It’s not too big for use indoors, and it’s unlockable front tire makes it maneuver like a charm. I would recommend this stroller even if you never use it for jogging. The downside is, it’s quite big when folded up, so you may have trouble if you’ve got a small trunk. We drive a little hatchback and have plenty of space for it.

Perfect for the baby Indiana Jones in your family

3. When we took my oldest son on his first airplane trip at 6 months old, I wasn’t sure whether to bring his nursing pillow, but it turned out to be awesome to have on board. When flying with kids, you probably know how important it is to pack light, so of course you should decide for yourself if bringing your nursing pillow will work for you, but I loved having it. First of all, nursing babies are perfect for flying with, because you can just nurse them anytime they get fussy, and a nursing pillow helps make that more comfortable on a plane. But besides that, my son just loved sitting on it and lying on it while he slept on my lap. If you’re wondering whether to take yours, give it a try. (My nursing pillow was homemade by my sister-in-law, but there are also a billion brands of them you can buy).

Should I bring my Boppy with me on a plane?

What about you? What product can you not live without when traveling with your little ones?